Activist & entrepeneur - fighting for
a better world for nature, humans
and animals


About me

My name is Martin Skadal, a 23 year old young man from Bergen, Norway.

I run the organization World Saving Hustle, and I do lots of activism and e v e r y t h i n g I do is done 100% free of charge. For some years ago, I read up on different world issues, and I really wanted to get shit done to help our planet and fellow beings on it!

I then found all the organizations in my city Bergen that worked within environmentalism, animal- and human rights. Became active in all of them and started up organizations that were missing (like Anonymous for the Voiceless and so on).

Right now, in 2019, I still run World Saving Hustle 100% for free, and try to increase my impact. I am vegan, a minimalist and zero waste. My personal lifestyle is tho hard for lots of people I can understand, so lots of my work is also to help the big systems to change to then help the individual, as you who reads this, so it can be easier for you and me to live environmentally- and ethical friendly.

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What I do



CEO for World Saving Hustle

One of my top priorities is Wolrd Saving Hustle. WSH is an organization determined to fight the world problems we are facing today, to make the planet more livable in the future.

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Activist for the planet

In 7th grade I decided to become a special soldier, because I thought it was so wrong how few people in the world could do so much harm to others. Now I use all my time to fight for this planet, and show people the truth

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Green influencer

As mentioned above i’m doing everything I can to make this planet a better place for everyone. That’s why i’m on every social media trying to make an influence on people. You can check out my instagram by clicking the link, or read more on my Facebook page

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Public speaker

I hold speeches about actvcisim, veganism/animal rights, zero waste and how you can become the best version of yourself. You can watch one of my videos here (link.) If you want me to come speak for you at an event or anything feel free to contact me <3

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Why care

I care SOO deeply about the animals and the enviroment. Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a super soldier so I could help the planet. Too much harm happends every day, so i’ve dedicated all my time to help the planet and the enviroment. Check out my videos on Why care by pushing the button.