Sponsor my projects

If you want to sponsor a spesific project, you can send me an email or write that in the description box when you donate. Either way, every donation I get will go to make my projects bigger, and by sponsoring one of my projects or me, you can know for sure that I will do everything I can to make this planet a better place

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World saving hustle

WSH is one of my biggest priorities, and what i’m most passionate about. Our mission is to save the world, and are determined to fight the problems our planet are facing


My activism

I believe that everyone should have basic human rights, and that every animal should have the freedom to roam outside instead of being inside slaughterhouses. That’s why I fight for this everyday.


Green influencer

I see myself as a green influencer. You can find me on social media HERE. Blablabla vet ikke mer hva jeg skal skrive her blablablabla prøver å fylle ut space blabla