My story


It all started in 7th grade I learned about world issues, especially within human rights. I remember they taught us about the second world war, and how some individuals (Hitler, Osama bin Laden and so on) could hurt huuge amounts of people! Then I learned two things: 1. If one person can make so much pain in the world, one person can also make so much love in the world! 2. If I should get them out of the way, and make them stop hurting people, I had to become a special solider in the army. The next years I trained myself up mentally and physically to become the best version of myself - because my future was to become a super soldier in the army, saving lots of lives. A normal day would consist of waking up around 5-6am, working out, before I went to school, ice bathing, and generally doing things I was afraid to do, to get tougher. My life and my body changed, things didn't go as planned, and I suddenly had some reasons to why I couldn't become a special solider anymore. It hurt me a lot. I then had two years of not knowing what I could do, and I was depressed. Then something happend, which got me to start reading self help books, and I was on my way to a better life.

I've done my fair research on different world issues within nature, animals and humans - and decided that I can't not do anything. I can’t just watch our planet slowly dying- I actually have a really hard time if I don't work on helping others. That's where my passion is. The passion came from my backround wanting to become a special soldier in the army to help lots of people, to being a salesman and then to wanting to spend all my time volunteering for other organizations. I had saved up money, quit my job and found all the organizations in my city(Bergen) working within environmentalism, animal rights and/or human rights. Suddenly I was active within 15 different organizations and worked fulltime as a volunteer basically. After a while I found some spots where I felt I could work more effectively and get more done aka. help the world more. One was self care: The organizations and people I worked with did not practice self care to themselves enough. Atleast not as much as they could be doing. The second was network: Many organization work together for the same causes, but I felt they didn't work so much together. And from another view, if you want to become active, it was hard to know which one would be best for you and so on.. So I asked around if there existed a network that included it all, but there were none. It had been tried before I got told, but too hard to actually execute and do. Third was the fact that it's so much easier for people in bigger cities to become active/meet other like-minded people. So I wanted to create something that included all people wanting to make the world a better place for either nature, animals and humans.

Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. Little by little, a little becomes a lot
— Me

This way people who have similar views on helping the world could gather, and in this way make it easier for everybody to become active. These three projects then become the start of something much more serious than I thought it would be. It was the start of World Saving Hustle. I found a friend who would give me 100% trust to start it, and than us two signed papers to make it an organizations. We had our first event called "Self Care for Activists"as a test in Bergen, and then I took a few weeks/months to find out how we could execute our ideas. Approximately three months after registering the organization, I started to talk loud about it, finding people who wanted to help me do it. Some months later, I went on tour in Norway. Holding 30+ speeches & workshops in over 30 different cities in Norway in two months. Suddenly we had chapters all over Norway. A good friend then contacted me to pitch me a project for the trash pollution problem we all are facing, which became the #pickabag (#plukkenpose in Norwegian), and this project got so big that it got the Norwegian environmental department to support us. Now we have offices in Bergen and a lot of rescources to do good in this world. Other than that, I still have my social media where I try to bring the best good influence in the world. I have Team Skadal which helps me to focus on all projects I have, from WSH to social media to other upcoming projects.. And yeah, that's basically the story to this date.

After I become fulltime volunteer, I slowly started to get out of money. I had moved home to mom again (I moved out when I was 17y), and stopped buying clothes (also because of fast fashion) and tried to use as little money as possible. But I had been using social media a looooooot from the start when I became active, so I asked them what to do. Originally, my plan was to start study or get back to a normal job ish, just to have enough money again. But it's hard to leave all the amazing volunteer "helping the world" work. So yeah, my followers or better said: My friends! They said I should make something called Patreon. A monthly crowdfunding platform, which allows people who want to support people who give value to society, but not necessarily have a normal income aka. me. I said no for weeks, because it's so hard to live for helping others, but then asking for people's money, especially the ones who already have been supporting you so much. But then, when I actually ran out of money, I started a Patreon, in hope of some support. I got around 200$-300$ the first days, and understood that "omg, this might actually work". So I crossed my fingers, and it actually worked out. Now I have around 700$ a month, and as a minimalist that's enough for me to have an amazing life. I live either at home, with friends or at the office.