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I’m a full time activist for nature, animals and humans. Founder and CEO of World Saving Hustle. Boardmember of Klimabrølet, and an active volunteer for many organizations. Green influencer with 20k+ followers, trying to inspire to living a mindful sustainable green life. I’m a speaker and hosts workshops on self care, veganism/green life and activism.

Everything I do, from studying, to running World Saving Hustle or doing direct street activism - are all defined as activism from my view.

Activism can be a lot of things, but to keep it simple we can say that it’s “A way to do something when your intent behind doing it, is to help solve a world issue”. For me it’s:

- Doing beach clean-ups, because I care for the ocean.

- Running World Saving Hustle, because I know my strengths as an entrepreneur and leader.

- Studying at university, because I want to gain more knowledge to help fight different causes.

- Organizing and attending demonstrations or street activism, because I want to spread awareness of different world issues I care about solving.

- Holding workshops and speeches, because I know that I have the possibility to help others learn how to make a difference, and help people understand why different cause areas are important to fight for.


Impacting peoples lives
One of my favorite things being an activist is the expression on peoples faces when they actually understand what i’m trying to say