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Klimabrølet is a norwegian word, directly translated it means the climate roar. Klimabrølet is an organization trying to make people more aware of the problems our planet is facing.

The climate turmoil demands that politicians take measures so that we can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees - in line with the Paris Agreement. What measures are required to achieve this goal are politicians, ministries and professional communities, including the UN Climate Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), capable of responding. However, our elected officials lack the courage and march order to implement some unpopular but absolutely necessary climate measures - now. They are also afraid to invest in climate measures with uncertain returns.

As you might know, this has to happen now, We can’t wait on the politicians to decide, That’s why more than 100 000 people are gonna meet up 30.08.2019 in Oslo, to parcitipate in a march to demonstrate.